Amplifiers: 1958 Fender Bassman

The "holy grail" of Fender tone.

It is still in great shape. One of the most clean examples out there. The one bad thing is that the speakers are shot. I decided to order some Weber alnicos with the bluebells and pull these and store them. Still breaking the Webers in.


Amp came with original speakers and cones. The only changed part was the "death cap" off the standby switch.

Oh yeah, REAL nice and clean. Amp hasn't been played since 1996. That is about to change though.

Update 2005: Amp has now been recapped and retubed with GE blackplate 6L6s. I put away the original Tung-Sol 5881s. They would most likely be torched fairly quickly these days. The Weber speakers look and sound GREAT. I took this amp out to a jam one night recently. Man, just KILLER tone. A rumbly, boomy in-your-face Tweed assault!

Update 2010: The owner that I bought this amp from originally had been bugging me for years to sell it back to him. Well, he finally wore me down. He brought in a '74 see-thru blonde Strat and a bunch of dough so I relented. That's OK, I now have a '60 Bassman to replace it HA HA HA HA!

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