Amplifiers: 1960 Fender Bassman

This amp walked into my shop back in 2010. Guy said he wanted it rebuilt so that he could sell it. I told him that I was extremely interested as I had sold my '58 a few months earlier. We agreed on an extremely fair price and I took ownership. The guitar gods must have been smiling because that doesn't happen too often. I am the second owner of this amp which was originally bought in Corpus Christi, TX by C. D. Loeffler. He was a popular fiddle player in South Texas for many decades.


Amp was completely original. It needed some massaging before I would trust it. Did an electrolytic recap and 3-prong cord conversion then took it to a gig. Well, she sounded OK, but not like I like 'em. So, I replaced a few out of spec Astron caps with some 1960s NOS Mustards and I was in business. Now, we'll see how long the original speakers last . . .

This amp had been in storage for 20+ years.

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