Amplifiers: 1960 Fender Vibrasonic

Got a call from an amp-tech friend of mine asked me if I was interested in this. It originally was missing the wiring harness, tubes, had a blown speaker, had a broken handle and needed a servicing in the worst way. Well, I paid $500 for it, so I figured that was a great deal! I went ahead and had the original JBL reconed, made a harness and serviced the amp.

The story of this amp is this: the guy I bought it from lent his sister's boyfriend $30 about 30-years ago. The guy (Harry Tippins) gave the gentleman this amp as collateral. Well, the guy never came back. The tubes were scavenged by the owner's son's friend some years ago, and that is why it was never used.

Original JBL. An extremely EARLY version.

Update 2010: One of my customers was really digging this amp when I had her in the shop. He liked it so much that I ran a number at him to sell it and he accepted. This amp now resides at the Aztec Theater in San Antonio and is used to thrill audience members on a weekly basis. Much better than having it sit and waste away here.

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