Amplifiers: 1961 Fender Super

Brown, with an attitude.

This amp was left for dead in a barn before I got my hands on it in 2007.

Original chassis before repair.

This one took a lot of work, 22-man-hours by yours truly. This included cleaning lots of rust off the speaker baskets, recapping, removing/disassembling all the pots and using a vise-grips to free the shafts from the housing due to oxidation, installing a 3-prong cord, adding an adjustable bias, cleaning rust off the chassis and cleaning all the dirt off the box and grillecloth.

Speakers before and after.

Back, finished

Original, reconed Jensen P10Q speakers.

"Is that Frankenstein amp yours??" Mike Sanders said before this show as I was setting up. Shown here in 2008 with my RI Reverb Unit and Fulltone TTE.

In 2009 I added Weber 10A125 Alnico Speakers. I blew the Jensen's again and figured something a bit newer might hold up better. Also had the tolex reglued. Bought a Tuki padded cover for her and now she is back in regular rotation.

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