Amplifiers: Fender 1962 Twin-Amp

This amp is the epitome of 1960's Fender coolness. I walked into Southworth Guitars back in 1996 and he had four of these bad boys sitting in the entryway. I knew I would have to get one some day. I am the third owner of this Twin. The original owner sold it to a collector in Chicago. I then purchased it through a third-party in 2002.

Complete with Fender brown-labeled Oxfords.

I went ahead and recapped/retubed her in 2005 and also added an adjustable bias mod and a 3-prong cord.

In 2006 I set her up with a set of Weber 12F150 ceramic speakers, along with a matched set of RCA/Sylvania 6L6GCs. The original "reconed" speakers were done incorrectly. Warped cones, and the whole bit. The amp is still completely original except for the electrolytics and a couple of Sprague orange drops in the PI. I honestly think the Astrons are hampering the tone a bit. But, as an extremely rare amp, I don't want to mess with it too much.

Paired with my 1964 Super Reverb, Dec. 2011.

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