Amplifiers: Fender 1962 Bassman-Amp

The '62 Bassman on TV (KENS-5 San Antonio CBS affiliate) May 2009 in preparation for our gig at Luminaria.

I had wanted one of these since 1985 when I played my friend Jeff Pitts '62 model. He got his in 1984 for $180 in an Idaho pawn shop. I passed on several throughout the years, but I just HAD to get this one. Turns out that I am the second owner of this unit. Unbeknownst to me, the seller had his "tech" fix it before putting it up for sale.

Original Tolex and fairly clean.

Back panel.

Well, when I finally disassembled her in 2005, I realized that the "tech" shotgunned (replaced) ALL OF THE RESISTORS AND COUPLING CAPS in the amp. He neglected to replace any of the electrolytics. Very odd. Well, I first replaced the 1-watt carbon film resistors with correct carbon comps, and installed some Sprague, Mallory and Sozo Coupling caps. I eventually went back through it and replaced most of those with original Fender Blue Molded caps.

I also added an adjustable bias mod, recapped her with Sprague Atoms, and added a set of GE 6L6 blackplates. Once that was done, I did some "Top Secret" guitar mods to the bass channel. Now the head is more useable for guitar, but still sounds good running the bass through the normal channel.

I spruced up the cabinet in 2006 with a pair of Jensen Silver Bell 12" speakers from a 1958 Fender Twin.

The cabinet now has Scumback H55 Celestion 100-watt clones that I added in 2009. The old Jensens were great, but I wanted to use the cab for bass in smaller clubs. This upgrade allows for some decent bottom-end for both bass and guitar.

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