Amplifiers: Fender 1962 Concert

Another "project" of mine. A while back, I bought some beater Fender cabs, including a chopped-down '62 Concert. The chopped down box had the original grillecoth and logo. I knew one day that it would come in handy! I was in GC Houston, and came across a '62 Concert for fairly cheap. Had replaced speakers, regrilled front with a repro logo. Well, heh heh heh!!! I bought it!

Amp had already been serviced somewhat. I went ahead at finished her up. I then swapped out the baffleboard and knobs (they had been replaced too). I pulled the original knobs off a '60 Pro project amp. For speakers, I added a pair of reconed 1974 CTS Alnicos from a Super Six, and a pair of Weber 10F150Ts. It is a good combo here. I also had to make a correct wiring harness for her.

RCA 6L6GC Blackplates. This amp is THICK sounding. It is voiced MUCH BETTER for a Les Paul type guitar than a Strat. A Les Paul really brings out the character here.

Tube Chart

I recently sold this to a friend of mine in Dallas. He really, really wanted it, so I figured it would be in good hands.

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