Ex-Amplifiers: 1963 Fender Showman Cabinet

This is Flood Victim #1. She was pretty bad when I got her. Serious water damage. The original speaker and baffleboard had been replaced, and she was missing 98% of the back panel screws. This was a real project from hell! But, with a lot of Elmer's glue, an iron and a lot of patience, I got her back to her former glory. It had a Radio Shack speaker when I got it. Now loaded with vintage speaker wire and a 1966 Jensen 15" speaker I pulled from an old Supro, it sounds AWESOME! It now sounds great, and I use it for an extension cab with my smaller Fenders. It adds a lot of bottom end and warmth to them. This one is gone now too. I last heard it was headed to Japan.

Here are the specs:

Original: tolex, handle, grille badge, backplate, amp glides and tilt-legs.

The grillecloth looks to be original, just restapled onto the new baffleboard.

The input jack HAS been replaced.

This one is missing the TONE RING, AMP mounting knobs and several of the backplate screws.

There are ink stamps and factory initials on the inside, confirming that this is a 1963.

This cabinet really sounds best as as extension cab when using older, smaller Fender amps with a Stratocaster or other single pickup guitar. It beefs them up a bit, and helps conserve their sometimes questionable speakers.