Amplifiers: Fender 1963 Showman

1963 Showman I purchased at the 2006 Arlington Guitar Show. Price was right, iron was right, but, it turned out to be another amp with a LOT of changed parts. Well, it was still cheap enough that it didn't matter. The cab pictured is also a 1963. Was at one point retolexed in black. I had it redone in blonde, and had the back converted into an open-back. Speakers are a combination of Webers.

The completed chassis with my selection of tone caps etc.

I have been using this amp now for a number of years with the SA Blue Cats, Chris Bell and Catherine Denise. It also made a studio appearance recording with Billy Kiesel in 2012.

Along with my Custom Shop '60 Stratocaster at Sam's Music Hall, San Antonio, TX Aug. 1, 2007.

I continue to run the Showman head jumpered into my 1981 Bassman 135 paired up with Genz Benz cabs. The Showman's midrange compliments the Bassman's bottom end very nicely. The Genz Benz cabs sound great with vintage tube heads.

My setup playing with Catherine Denise in Fredericksburg, TX June 9, 2011 opening for Joe "King" Carasco.

A guitar player's dream (or nightmare). . . Throttling through a Showman and a pair of early '70's Marshall 4 x 12s with a '58 Strat.

Ready to rip in March 2014. This amp has now toured across the U.S. and has been played at countless shows. I'd say I got my money's worth!

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