Amplifiers: Marshall 1965 JTM-45

Purcahsed this from a friend in Houston. There is a large debate as to whether this amp is even original, or if it is one of the "Poole" amps that were stolen in England in the 1960s. Rumors abound bigtime with this amp. Regardless, it is loaded with GEC KT-66s, and sounds like heaven. Magic tone volume number on this amp is "8".

Back view of the head. Amp has 1968 Marshall 50-watt plexi output transformer. It is also loaded with Mullard pre-amp tubes. It is essentially a tube-rectified JTM-50.

Pictured here with a custom ordered Blockhead cab. Cab is loaded with Celestion Heritage speakers. Kinda trebly for me, but the speakers still need to be broken in more. Cab has wood baffleboard option. Whether this is a Music Ground clone, retolexed original, or combination of both, there is no denying that this is one of the BEST sounding JTM-45s that many people have ever heard. Including George at Metropolous amps.

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