Amplifiers: Fender 1966 Pro Reverb

This amp was purchased in a multi-amp deal. A 1966 Pro Reverb with changed speakers (EV Force 12s), changed output tranny (SFDR) and a changed reverb tranny. Baffleboard was broken out. Well, I knew I could get her right. I still had the original (now reconed) Oxfords from my '65 Pro Reverb that I sold years before. I went ahead and serviced the amp, anchored that baffleboard down, added Mercury Magnetics transformers and a set of JJ power tubes and rectifier.

Notice that there are Webers in there now. I wound up blowing one of the Oxfords fairly quickly, so I ordered a 12F150 and a 12F150B. Much bigger, clearer sound now.

Tube chart w/QA date code.

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