Amplifiers: 1971 Marshall Major

I answered the phone in Dec. 2005. "You interested in a Marshall Major," said one of my friends/dealers. I said "HELL YEAH!" So I finally got one. I had worked on a couple of these, and am familiar with them. This one is REAL clean, and only had one changed screen resistor (looks like a Unicord warranty repair). power switch did not work, and the PI tube was toast (good thing too, as one of the old Chinese 6550s was blown).

Chassis - preamp.

Chassis - top. NOTE THE NICE, BIG KT-88s.

Assembly sticker. Note the 1971 construction date, and the 1973 date stamp. Most likely the '73 date is for the warranty repair.

Pictured here with my former Ibanez DT-50 and a c. 1972 Marshall 4 x 12. This amp was sold back in 2014 when I had to scale back the collection during a cross-country move.

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