Amplifiers: 1995 Fender '59 Bassman Reissue

When I bought this amp in 1995, it was basically brand new. I bought it from a used music store, but the owner handed me the manual and original receipts. the amp was six months old and still under warranty. Got it for $500, which was a crazy good deal at the time.

It is still in great shape. Starting to get some dings and wear as one would expect.


I added an adjustable bias mod in 1998. Power and rectifier tubes NOS RCA Blackplates, pre-amp are NOS whatever (RCA, Mullard, Sylvania, etc.). This amp doesn't get used as much these days, but I still take her out once and a while.

My settings. Everything cranked except treble, which I adjust according to the guitar I use.

Outdoor gig in the Texas Hill Country back in 2005. '59 RI Bassman and a 1972 MV Twin Reverb that I owned for a while.

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