Hiwatt Amplifiers: 1974 DR-103

1974 HIWATT Custom 100

Custom Hiwatt 100

This amp kicks ass. Period. When I sold it, it had Mullard pre-amp tubes in it. I replaced the Valvo (European) power tubes and put in matched Tesla tubes and re-biased it. I finally sold it in 1999 to help purchase my 1975 Olympic White Strat.

I believe it was kept in a shed for a number of years when I found it. It was covered with dust, cobwebs, and even had a dead spider in it. The voltage pin was still set at 220, which led me to believe it had never been powered up in the states. There is a badge on the front right side that says "Deuper/Wuerzburg." Store badges are still real popular in Europe. Since I found this in a military town, I deducted this amp had been brought over my a service member stationed in Wuerzburg, Germany. This makes it a "true" European version.

HIWATT rear view

This is a view from the back. The backplate was removed for the photo.


The amp I.D. tag and serial number.