Ex-Amplifiers: Fender 1965 Pro Reverb

This was an interesting find! I came across this one in Seoul, Korea. The big music hangout there is called Nokwondong. It is a huge "music mall" with at least a hundred vendors. Usually anything that is of value and "vintage" is way out of sight price-wise. But, I was walking down the hall there and this was just staring me in the face. It was all original down to its Utah speakers. I talked the guy down to $450 for it. A good deal to say the least!!! I had to clean it up and put in new tubes. I also had to rewire it for a GZ-34 rectifier tube. It had a solid state rectifier conversion.

I rebuilt this one in August of 2000. I also added reconed speakers from 1965 Bassman cabinet. I blew one of the original ones at one of my last gigs in San Antonio. They sound beefier, and give much more bottom end. AND, the date codes still match! I sold this one to an east coast collector in 2002.

The amp is basically all original, except for the output transformer. It has been replaced with a heavier duty one.

Closeup of upper front dings.

Closeup of faceplate damage. Damage is consistent along the bottom of the faceplace. (Can you say, DUH, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO TAKE THIS THING APART?). Was this way when I bought it.

Speaker Date Codes. Speakers were reconed a couple of years ago, before Eminence quit making the kits for them.

Tube Chart. AA-165 OI model.

There was an extra speaker output drilled and connected on the back panel. I have since removed it. That is most likely what smoked the original output transformer.

Original footswitch. Dinged but complete and works GREAT!