Amplifiers: 1971 Fender Twin Reverb (Blackfaced)


My parents bought this amp for me in 1985. They paid $900 for it. That was WAAAAAY too much especially at that time, and condition it was in. BUT, it was purchased from my old guitar teacher. He owned a music store, and was in serious financial trouble at the time. The amp had major damage from some varnish being spilled on it. It had damaged the original grillecloth, baffleboard and speakers so badly that they were replaced.

Rig from High School - 1985. 1971 Twin Reverb, Ibanez UE 400, Super Fuzz, Memphis Wah, EH Little Big Muff, DOD FX-60. Dad's Sony TC-260 was sometimes used as a preamp too. Still have the amp and the pick box (lower left).

It had a JBL 15" M-130 in it. Real loud and glassy to be sure. Not the best choice for a guitar amp though. The original faceplate had the varnish covering it, and the tail logo was missing as well.

The saving grace was that it was reliable as hell. It was loaded with new Sylvania 6L6 power tubes, Sylvania preamp tubes and was biased correctly. I used those old tubes in the amp until 1993, when I replaced them with Groove tubes. I didn't spend any money on maintenance for almost ten years.


When I was stationed in South Carolina, I wound up meeting Michael Clark of Clark Amplification. He was working in the back of Abalone Vintage Guitars at the time. He rebuilt another amp of mine, and I really liked his work. The Twin was starting to have stability problems, so I decided to "restore" it to Blackface specs.

Mike did a great job of rebuilding it. I still used the same Groove tubes, as they were almost new. I added Eminence speakers to help flesh out the sound too. The speakers are wired with the correct vintage wire. It is ungodly loud, and sounds pretty good.

When I went to Korea in 1995, I put it in storage, where it sat until 1998, when I took it straight to a gig and played it! I usually use it in conjunction with my '59 Bassman.

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