Amplifiers: Fender 1963 Vibroverb

Think I got this amp back in 2003 along with the original cover but a repro footswitch. Brown Vibroverbs don't have as much bottom end as I prefer, but nice sounding nonetheless. An important amp for Fender, as this is the first one they made with onboard reverb. Most definitely NOT an SRV tone machine. You need a '64 and a modded chassis plus Bassman transformers to start. He used his mainly to power his Vibratones anyway.

The speakers are original, but reconed.

Well, in 2004 out of the blue, a gentleman e-mailed me and said he had an ORIGINAL BROWN footswitch for the Vibroverb for sale. I was a bit skeptical, but as it turns out, he really did! I bought it from him, and now my amp has a new "mate". Incidentally, he got the switch with a Deluxe Reverb that he bought used in the late 70's.

This amp always sounded OK, but I really wanted to get it really ripping. Jon at Tonecraft Amp Repair in Austin helped me with this one in 2005. It now has incredible output tube overdrive when the volume is pushed past six. I also added a pair of Weber speakers.

Some unfortunate news when I really dug into her in 2006. It is actually a regrille w/repro logo (since replaced with an original), and the reverb tranny has been replaced. I guess that doesn't really matter as far as tone goes. I still love this amp.

In 2007 I replaced all of the plate-load resistors. They started making a lot of noise. I have used the amp quite a bit lately, and she still fails to disappoint.

2011 at a private party together with my Super Reverb.

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