Bands: SA Blue Cats

SA Blue Cats

Front Row L to R: Roscoe Iron, John Cockerell, Mark Stewart, Mike Sanders. Back Row L to R: Jerrold Feigenbaum, Urban Urbano, Mike Davis, George Briscoe.

Band officially formed: March 2005


  • Roscoe Iron - Basses, Guitars, Vocals
  • John Cockerell - Resonator and Electric Guitars, Vocals
  • Mark Stewart - Guitars, Mandolin, Vocals
  • Mike Sanders - Trumpet, Vocals
  • Jerrold Feigenbaum - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
  • Urban Urbano - Drums
  • Mike Davis - Trombone, Harmonica, Accordion, Vocals
  • George Briscoe - Saxophone


    Starting in 2005 under the leadership of Mike Davis, the S.A. Blue Cats were formed as an independent working band with the initial task of running jams and fund raisers for the San Antonio Blues Society. The band evolved into a combo which displays all forms of blues and blues influenced music. The band is multi-instrumental featuring horns, harmonica, all styles of resonator and electric guitars, mandolin and accordion. Member band of The San Antonio Blues Society since 2005. Contact Mike Davis at 210-722-2396 or for booking. For more info visit

    Roscoe and Urban at Alamo

    Roscoe and Urban at the Alamo west wall, Luminaria 2008.

  • KENS 5 TV Studio

    At the KENS-5 TV Studio Summer 2009.

    Guitar Shorty Opener

    Playing my 1974 Black Strat opening for Guitar Shorty. George Briscoe is on the left and Mark Stewart is on bass.

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