Gig photos: Worldly Rocker 1987-1991

UNC Pigskin Project

Recording "Sunday Bronco Sunday" in 1987. We did this for the 1987 Super Bowl with the Giants and Broncos. We got regional airplay with this, but Denver lost.

Big R: Guitar
Rick: Bass
Pat Loehr: keyboards
J.P. : Vocals

Free Beer

My second college band "Free Beer." We played several parties, eventually hit the bar scene, and had a great time. This was taken during our first gig at the University of Northern Colorado.

Alan Feldman: Guitar
Big R: Bass
Pat Loehr: Keyboards
Ted Overall: Drums

Free Beer at Delta Chi

Still with Free Beer in 1988 at a Delta Chi Frat Party. Note the cool tie-dye backdrop.


Photo by: Danny Dumm

The acoustic duo, "The Devil and the White Man" in Berlin 1991. This is at the Great American Sandwich Company on the Ku-damm. We made thousands of dollars doing this!!!

Big R: Acoustic Guitar/Vocals
Russ Chesebro: Acoustic Guitar/Vocals

Me and Danny

Photo by: Keith Richardson

Partying with the king of the troublemakers, Private (now Sergeant) Danny Dumm! Danny was the person who showed me how to really get off my ass and play!