Gig photos: Land of California 2015 - 2018

House of Blues San Diego

Backing up Catherine Denise in May 2015 at the House of Blues San Diego.

RJ Fest 2016

Playing some slide guitar at the annual Robert Johnson Festival San Antonio TX, Nov. 2016

Cancer Recovery

With the '58 recovering from cancer surgery Dec. 2017. Probably still had drains in at this point. I was lucky to be alive. Music career on hiatus for about 3-years during all of this.

Witte Museum Oct. 2018

At the Witte Museum Jazz fest in SA TX with the SA Blue Cats and Catherine Denise Oct. 2018. First time back onstage after my cancer treatment. Using the '58 Strat and the Ampmonster prototype head. My neuropathy was still so bad from the chemotherapy that I couldn't feel my hands all the way yet. Fortunately, muscle memory got me through the day.