Gig photos: Getting the "Tone" 1992-1995

Article 15

Photo by: Danny Dumm

Recording with "Article 15" in 1992. This was a killer band. We did some demos, but didn't have enough time to do any road shows. Here I am showing off with a 1979 Anniversary Stratocaster. Still one of the most fun times I had.

Big R: Bass/Guitar
Danny Dumm: Guitar
Nelson Onofre: Drums

Bessemer Rose

Photo by: Keith Richardson

Jamming with Bessemer Rose, Harnack House, Berlin 1992. I am playing my friend Dave's Les Paul Studio. There is a sordid story to how Dave eventually got this guitar, but, uh, we won't go into that here.

Big R: Guitar
Dave: Bass
Jan Mandryk: Vocals/Guitar
Jason: Drums

Village Idiot

Photo by: Don Sparks

Playing at the Village Idiot, Columbia, S.C., May 1993. This was my hangout for a couple of years. Had a great time playing the acoustic there too!


Photo by: Scott Wisdom

Jamming at the Fort Jackson NCO club, Fall 1993 with Brainstorm. I had to play through a Yamaha amp, but it was loud, and I somehow made it work.


Photo by: Kyle Dedrick

Jamming at Decisions, Columbia, S.C., Veteran's Day 1995. The hodge-podge Strat through a Fender 75 head and a Marshall Jubillee 2 x 12 cab.