Gig photos: Delivering the Goods 1996-1997


Photo by: John Valceanu

Playing at Nick's Blues Jam, Washington D.C., January 1996. The 1982 Hamer Special and a freshly rebuilt Twin Reverb. Can you say OVERBOARD?

Dragon Hill

Photo by: Kent Kisselbrack

Going nuts during Voodoo Chile with the Slack Band, Dragon Hill Anniversary Party, Seoul, June 2, 1996. I had my rig so loud, I basically was banned from playing anywhere on post after that day.

Big R: Guitar
John: Bass
Rich Craig (Mitch Mitchell Jr.!): Drums
Mike Martin: Guitar
Adrian: Guitar

The Tone

Photo by: Alison Raven

Jamming with The Tone, Just Blues, Seoul, Korea, 1997.

Big R: Guitar
Dave Daubermann: Bass
Rich Craig: Drums


Photo by: Dave Gillespie

The Tone Jamming at Rock Me Amadeus, Seoul, Korea, Fall 1997. It was so loud, we got kicked out of here too!

Big R: Guitar
Doug Dub: Guitar
Dave Daubermann: Bass
Bob Arkwright: Drums


Photo by: Cheryl Gillespie

Playing a Korean Acoustic during my farewell gig at the Woodstock< in Seoul, March 1997. I had just refurbished this for my friend, Alison. It played OK, and had decent tone too.