Gig photos: Rebirth 2002-2004


Photo by: Pauline Schlichting

Loud and Proud. Playing my Frankenstein 1984 Ibanez DT-155 Phil Collen Model on Travis AFB, June 2002.

Buddy Junior

Photo by: Scott Ary

Playing a borrowed Buddy Guy Strat through a Line 6 amp, Reno, Aug. 2003. My old college buddy and fellow Guinness slammer Scott really hooked me up. This is one of the less-common Fender Custom Shop Tobacco Sunburst Buddy Guy Signature models. It really sounded great, and I had a blast! I think some of the, uh, players weren't expecting the tone onslaught and intensity that I brought. Oh well. Play hard or go home. Gunning it out in Austin taught me that.


Photo by: Ted Soret

Jamming on my friend Ted's mid-80's Gibson Custom Shop Explorer at Santa's Place, San Antonio, TX, Nov. 2003. Guitar sounded great through a Fender Vibro-King. The comment I heard most on this night was "I haven't seen you in a LOOOOOONG time!" Heh, heh, I had a lot of fun.

Mardi Gras

Photo by: Bobby Christopher

A volunteer charity jam Mardi Gras party. It was a great show! I was running the '64 Super Reverb, Real McCoy Wah, twin Tube Screamers and a Danelectro Reel Echo. Here I am playing the '75 Strat, but I also had my '79 and an '03 on board. The audience left seeing one of the better shows that I have been involved in a while.