Gig photos: Back Home 2005 - 2008

EJ Strat

Photo by: Roger Rutledge

Breaking in my new Eric Johnson Signature Strat. Sam's Burger Joint Aug '05

Birthday Jam

Photo by: Veronica Dennis

Heh, heh, during a quick break with the SA Blue Cats Aug 25th 2005. Coincidentally, my birthday. Took out the '66 this night.

RJ Jam

Photo by: Roger Rutledge

Turkey Day +1 2005. Mike Davis birthday bash and Robert Johnson Jam. I pulled out some serious stops this night. What a freaking BLAST!!!!! '66 Strat, Marshall 1959SLP RI, JCM 800 4 x 12 and my '67 Echoplex. BOO-YA!

Rippin' it up

Photo by: Lorie Mason

April 2007 at Sam's (again LOL), playing the '75 Olympic White Strat through the '69 Marshall Superbass and my 1973 Marshall slant cab loaded with pre-Rola Celestions.

Gotta love Luckenbach

Photo by: Lorie Mason

February 2008 at the Luckenbach Blues Festival with the SA Blue Cats. Playing my Fender CS '60 Relic through Mark's Custom Vibrolux Reverb.