Gig photos: Finding My Way 1983-1986


Photo by: Roger Schlichting

c. 1983 Check out my Pink Floyd shirt! And dig my mom's mirrored wallpaper! Still love Pink Floyd, but the wallpaper is long gone.

Rick Jr.

Photo by: Roger Schlichting

1984: Check out the Pink Picks!!! I was into Cheap Trick big time. Thought that Rick Nielsen throwing out all of those picks was really cool.

Sammy Like

Photo by: Roger Schlichting

1985: Check out those gloves. I got the idea from seeing Sammy Hagar in 1985. Imitation is a sincere form of flattery.


Photo by: Dave, otherwise known as "Fern"

1986: My Mako Shark and I. No, not the car, but the guitar! I routed out the body, and installed some DiMarzio pickups backwards to give me more of a "Jimi" sound.