Basses: 1966 Fender Precision Bass

City South Festival
Playing the City South Arts Festival, Brooks City-Case, San Antonio Spring 2009.

This is a "sum of the parts" bass that I bought in a couple of stages. I first bought the 1966 body, 1970 pickups, repro guard etc. in 2006.

@ The Warehouse
With Chris Bell at Live @ the Warehouse, Huntsville, TX May, 2010.

About a year later I purchased the c. 2001 Fender Custom Shop neck. I then ordered some reverse 50's style-tuners from Fender. After about a year of waiting, I finally got this thing together. The neck is flat and wide, kind of like a nylon classical. Because I have large hands, it really molded to my hands like a nice glove. It was my main bass from 2007 - 2011, when I switched over to the '89 JBS. She is now the backup.

'66 Precision Bass 

I have played literally hundreds of gigs with her since she was put together, and she keeps delivering the goods.