Guitars: 1975 Fender Stratocaster

Hot Tin Roof
At the Hot Tin Roof, SA, TX summer 1999.

My bro Dave found this for me in Tacoma, Washington back in 1999. All original, with case, owners manual, tremolo cover and tremolo arm. This is Blackmore to the bone man! at the time, I had to sell my Hiwatt DR 103 head and my 1982 Hamer Special to get it.

'75 Olympic White Strat  '75 Olympic White Strat

'75 Olympic White Strat

I have now had this one more than ten-years now, and it produces an awesome 70's "Stratty" tone that I had envisioned in my mind for years before finding this axe. Now, every time I plug it in, BAM there it is. How lucky can a guy get?

'75 Olympic White Strat
With the SA Blue Cats 2012 at Olmos Bharmacy.

'75 Olympic White Strat