Basses: 1989 Fender Jazz Bass Special

Chicks and Choppers
At Texas Pride April, 2007

I bought this axe in Berlin way back in November of 1991. I usually had a bass lying around for songwriting or to possibly play for a gig. Turns out this bass was used by several bass players throughout the years for many gigs. It was the "house" bass for several of my bandmates. As of July 2011, it is my main bass.

1989 Jazz Bass Special 

Many refer to this model as the "Guns-N-Roses" bass due to the fact that Duff McKagan used one during the early days of G-N-R. The neck is fairly slim and the tone is actually very balanced and articulate. I've left her stock and just played her like crazy.

kens 5 March 2009 
In the studios of KENS 5 (San Antonio CBS Affiliate) promoting our gig for the Luminaria Arts Festival. April 2009