Guitars: 1981 Ibanez DT-400 Destroyer

El Paso DT-400

March 2014 after buying her off my bro Dave.

My homeboy Dave and I found this in an El Paso pawn shop back in 1998. We were on the hunt for something good but cheap. He bought her on the spot for a couple hundred bucks. He had her for about 16-years before I moved out to Maryland for a new job. Since he never played her anymore, he had been bugging me to buy her from him. It was kind of a running joke for about a year or so. One Saturday he was headed out to see me so I made him a cheap-ass offer. He graciously accepted it and sold her to me. I had been without a Destroyer for a few years by that time and it was good to have one back in the stable.

'Destroyer on the bench

Many of these I see these days have changed pickups. Need to remove these pickups and inspect them again on my next restring as they possibly might be original but I'm not 100% sure. Neck pickup is missing the cover if this V2 is the real deal. Ibanez V2 or possibly Super 70s were the original units if I remember right. This is exactly as we found her more than 20-years ago. I love all that nostalgia. She's a bit fizzy on the top end compared to my Gibson Explorer and definitely doesn't sound quite as thick and meaty as other Destroyers I've had for whatever reason. Fortunately, she still sports the original knobs and switch tip.

'Don's 2020

First gig with this axe ever. Don's in El Cajon, CA March 2020. Drummer Steve photobombing the shot.