Guitar Related Links - Updated Jan. 2005

Here are some other cool guitar and music related links. I have dealt with all of the companies listed below personally. They truly are the best of the best when it comes to service, reliability, support and workmanship. I support these businesses wholeheartedly, and you should give them a try. You won't be disappointed!

Guitar Companies:

Forshage Custom Instruments

Located in Austin Texas, Chris Forshage builds wonderful custom guitars. He also does phenomenal fretwork on maple-capped necks. He has done two of mine, and not only was I impressed, so were several others that played my axes.

Amplifier Companies and Parts:

Clark Amplification

Michael Clark and I go way back to when he was working in the back of Abalone Guitars in Columbia S.C. He is a great amp builder and has extensive technical knowledge on vintage Fenders.

John Sprung's Parts is Parts

Chatted with John a couple of times. Very informative friendly
and knowledgeable. Co-author of the Fender Amp Book.

Ampmonster Amp Voicing and Repair

The Ampmonster rules San Antonio music scene with an iron fist. Take your vintage amps to him if you live in that area. He looks a lot like me.

Tonecraft Amp Repair

Jon Bessent is the best amp troubleshooter I have ever met. Located in Austin, he has helped me realize some serious tone out of my old Fender amps. He has also helped me get my head back in the game with amp repair. Jon knows a LOT about amps, effects and electronics. Send your stuff to him. He will have it back FAST and repaired correctly.

Effects Companies:

Tech 21 NYC

They helped me out when I had an original Sans-Amp GT-2 go down. Great customer service and turnaround time.

Homebrew Electronics

Joel Weaver at HBE is a true professional. HBE stands behind their products and has GREAT customer service. They also make the Power Screamer, in my opinion the BEST, most transparent overdrive EVER MADE. I bought two Ltd. Ed. Black Tweed models. They replaced my Tube Screamers. Best move I ever made.

Analog Mike Vintage Effects

Lots of good info and used effects for sale. Home of the "808" mod.

Pickup Companies:

Seymour Duncan Pickups

DiMarzio Pickups

The "Super Distortion" probably did more for rock and roll on the
70's and 80's than any other pickup. I have SD's in many of my
guitars now.

String Companies:


The only strings I can't break on a regular basis. I've tried them all, and D'Addario EXL-115's are it for me. They also have the "Player's Points" program where you can get free stuff for sending in used string packages. Pretty cool!

Guitar Magazines:

Vintage Guitar Magazine

I've been a subscriber for years. Love it!

Official and Unofficial Band Links:

Atlantic Records Led Zeppelin Site

Guitar and Amplifier Reference Sites:

Vintage Ibanez Guitars

Killer site with lots of info. Good for referencing and looking up your old Ibanez axes! Send them your info!

Fender Amp Field Guide

Mark Ware has had this site up for years. A GREAT REFERENCE TOOL! Has schematics too. Some of my amps are in the reference guide. If you want to know about Fender amps, check it out!



Gary and Shawna Rosen have a GREAT guitar store in downtown Denver. They sell high-end boutique pedals, amps and guitars. Great customer service, great product line. If you are ever in Denver, check them out! He will also make you a GREAT deal online as well.


San Antonio Blues Society

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