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January 24, 2016: More moves ... out to Southern California for the time being. Have played down at the House of Blues downtown San Diego and hit a few blues jams and have done some fun roadie work for some friends of mine. Have bought and sold a few more things but the collections stays about the same . . .

March 7, 2014: Long story short, moved halfway across the country to Maryland last year for career enhancement. Had to sell off some of the collection because I didn't want to move it. Kept the stellar, rare or all original pieces, but a lot of my backline rental gear along with workhorse amps and guitars were sold. Did some touring with Chris Bell in 2013 and will be doing a few more dates this summer. Have made some inroads to the local blues scene as well. Great folks and fun times so far!

July 28, 2012: Currently doing a full review of the site adding updated pics, info and adding more history to the gear I own. My "Amp Museum" is finished. I'll post some photos soon. Let's Rock!

July 7, 2012: Added more guitars. Still gigging a lot with the Blue Cats and Catherine Denise. Also managed to do some studio work this spring with Billy Kiesel.

Aug. 1, 2011: Working on constructing an amp museum of sorts. Stay tuned . . .

Aug. 1, 2010: Couple of gear additions including a '74 Blonde Strat.

Jan. 27, 2010: Added MP3s to the Free Beer Band page. Check it out!

Dec. 21, 2009: WOW!!! Can it be a YEAR since I posted some news?? Did a lot of gigs this year and released a CD with the SA Blue Cats, did some memorable shows with the now defunct South Texas Destroyers and did a summer round of shows with Catherine Denise. Bass seems to be what I am playing the most these days. I'll be posting a bunch of photos of my bass gear soon.

Dec. 22, 2008: Happy Holidays everyone! Been playing a lot with the South Texas Destroyers and the SA Blue Cats lately. Did some "house cleaning" as well, unloading a couple of Strats that I really didn't use anymore. Getting ready for 2009!

May 17, 2008: More amps and guitars added. Will also be attending the Austin Ampfest May. 24th. Will have pics! Still playing with the S.A. Blue Cats and the Feral Cats. Played the Luckenbach Blues Festival and the Luminaria Arts Festival this Spring. Was freaking awesome.

July 15, 2007: More amps added. Check 'em out!

July 11, 2007: Much more of my collection added. Guitars and amps. BOO-YA!

June 16, 2007:WHOA! almost a year without any "news". I have been updating the site to reflect my current collection. Still playing with two bands, and working on getting a CD recorded. Playing a LOT of bass too. Geez! The most since the Free Beer days for sure. I love it!

July 25, 2006: Man oh man how time has been flying. Check out the new gear updates in the Amps and Guitars section. Oh yeah, I'm beefing up the collection again.

Jan. 5, 2006: Happy New Year 2006! A lot has been happening in the past few months. The Tonemonster band is morphing into a powerhouse classic rock band. Name TBD. It will be starring me on bass, Terrible Ted Soret on guitar, Raeanne Reed on vocals and Urban Urbano on drums. We are working this one up, so get your earplugs ready. On the gear front, I picked up some new stuff. Got a real clean '71 Marshall Major, Ratty '69 Marshall Super Bass and a ratty JCM 800 4 x 12 cab. I did get the EJ Strat, tone was great, but the neck was kinda funky. I gave it a good run, but in the end I sold it. The '58 Bassman is now here and displayed in the amps collection. '48 Princeton is on the back burner for now. I have also been doing some bass work for other bands and also have been running sound. Been real busy, but hey, I'm having fun as usual!

Aug. 18, 2005: Am playing in two bands now. Playing bass for the SA Blue Cats, a blues "showcase" band, and with Tonemonster, a power trio of my own concoction. I also made a LOT of updates to the site, including a bunch of stuff in the bands section. I finally went to my folks house and found a bunch of photos, artwork etc. I was able to start rounding that section out by adding some info on the more obscure bands I played with. I also updated some info in the amps section. Mainly what mods/servicing that has been done to a bunch of my vintage stuff.

Apr. 14, 2005: OK all, I have a new "temporary" e-mail address: I'll get another one more in line with the site again soon. Thanks for your patience.

Apr. 1, 2005: Lots of shaking going on, in my collection that is! Sold and traded a bunch of items, to get a real '58 Bassman. I also am expecting a Fender EJ Signature Strat and a '48 Princeton in soon. Oh yeah! The band is coming along as well. I hooked up with an old bass player buddy of mine, and we are getting ready to do some recording and writing. I have also opened up Tonemonster Amp Repair. Yup, I did it! For all of you who know I have been working on these amps since the 80's, I decided to make a few bucks at it, and deliver some quality work and good TONE to South Texas. Website coming soon for that. Oh yeah, check out my new section "80s Colorado Concert Tickets/Stubs". You too can relive my youth in music! Too bad I can't totally remember all of the details of all of the shows, but hey, many were over 20-years ago!

Jan, 2005: HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope the next year is prosperous for all of you! Turns out I got a bit hosed on my '62 Bassman. RRRRR . . . anyway, I am working with tone guru Jon Bessent up in Austin on getting my amps dialed in tone-wise. Most of them are coming in line now. I have a line-up fairly well decided on the band front. So, LOOKOUT in '05!

Nov, 2004: OK all, I am back in San Antonio now for GOOD. Have already been out playing my ass off the past couple of weeks. I feel great for the first time in a LONG time. That '66 Strat from Brad is REALLY paying off now. I am falling in LOVE with that axe. A TONE MACHINE! I always strive for that. It doesn't go unnoticed. Look out for me putting together a new band soon.

I also picked up a 1962 Bassman. I wanted one since I saw one in my friend and bass mentor Jeff Pitts basement back in 1985. Have passed on a few, but this one is absolutely GORGEOUS. I am the SECOND owner! Amp has original speaker cable, covers etc. I got it from Freeway Guitars in Escondido, CA. Drove down there from No-Cal to pick it up. Yeah, it is one of the greatest guitar amps EVER built. This one has tone for days. No, it won't leave the house.

Apr, 2004: Oh yeah, survived the Mardi Gras wingding in February. Did a fun gig for charity and really dropped the hammer. Felt great! I just bought a 1966 Fender Stratocaster formerly owned by Brad Gillis of Night Ranger. Brad was kind enough to verify the guitar for me and give me some history on it as well. It is a real nice axe. I am in the process of setting it up now. Hopefully will do some recording with it next year sometime. YEEEEE-HAAAAW!

Jan, 2004: Happy New Year everyone! Yes, I am still under the radar a bit. However, I was in Denver on Christmas and jammed with Kyle a bit. Brought out the '58 Strat and the '75 Gibson and had a blast! Prime Suspect drummer Jay Warner and I discussed at length a new project which should be taking place in 2005. PS fans will definitely dig it.

ALSO, if any of you guitar slingers get a chance to try the Homebrew Electronics Power Screamer pedal, DO IT! This pedal is freaking great. And that comment doesn't come lightly. This is the ONLY new pedal that actually sounds better than my vintage stuff.

Nov, 2003: Oh yeah, went back to San Antonio for a class thanks to the U.S. Government. I hooked up with my old drinking bud and fellow guitar player Ted Soret. I stayed at his house and practiced up on my bass chops. Picked up a '73 Fender P-Bass and a Roland Space Echo from Spacetone Music while I was there. I jammed four nights and really had a blast. Ted made sure I was not getting more than two-hours sleep every night. Some old clubs, some new clubs, but still TEXAS!

I also talked to Mike Davis from the San Antonio Blues Society. He said that the music scene has really changed since I left. There is still a decent underground blues following, but many of the clubs that once sponsored SABS are gone. Many blues bands are having a hard time getting work. That is too bad, because there are some killer musicians in that area of the U.S.

Aug, 2003: Finally played in Reno! Hit a jam session there for laughs. I had a great jam and kicked some serious ASS! What a good feeling, considering how little I have been practicing. WOO-HOO!

July, 2003: I have been busy racing motorcycles with the AFM this year, so my regular jamming has been curtailed. I did manage to hook up with some musicians at Thunderhill Park Raceway in Willows, CA. After the Saturday practice session we did some jamming for the racers and their crews/families. It was interesting, and turned out to be pretty cool! The margaritas helped.

May, 2003: Jammed a few night at Ziggies Saloon in Denver. Too bad, no pics. D'OH!

Jan. 11, 2003: Went to a guitar show in Marin County. Picked up a '79 'Strat for an EVH Tribute project of sorts. Stay tuned for details.

Jan. 4, 2003: I finally got a Fender Vibro-King. Oh yeah, It sounds as good as it looks!

Aug. 17, 2002: Since people are always asking for them, I am working on remastering full-length MP3 songs and videos

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