Guitars: Big R's Dearly Departed

Axes that have passed through my hands over the years

'65 Strat

1965 Fender Strat SN# L78586

Originally found her in Austin. She had been refinished as a '61 at some point. The neck and body were original, although the neck had been planed down to almost nothing. I believe she wouldn't handle another set of frets once these were worn out. Pickups were Fender Custom Shop '54's and a Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro. I sold this one in 1999 to pay off my P.A. system.

1981 Hamer Special

1981 Hamer Special SN# 1-2966

This lovely beast was in South Carolina when I picked her up. This guitar has some serious sustain. She sports a mahogany body and flame maple cap. She has a string through body and EMG pickups. I sold this to help pay for my 1975 Olympic White Strat.

1974 Fender Telecaster

1974 Fender Telecaster SN# 390428

I found this one in a San Antonio PAWN SHOP for $140. It had a route under the pickguard, but everything else was original. I traded this for a MINT 1969 Twin Reverb.

More Tele Photos

1981 Hamer Standard

1981 Hamer Standard

I found her in a San Antonio pawn shop for $190. After trading some pedals and extra junk I had laying around the house, I paid NADA for it! This is one of 750 handmade Standards from 1974 to 1985. These are SUPER RARE and are highly desirable to collectors. This guitar is all original and sounds awesome!
More Hamer Photos

***I eventually sold this to my childhood buddy Kyle, who is a huge Cheap Trick and Rick Nielsen fan. As of 2022 there has been some discussion of me possibly buying her back . . .

'89 Fender Paisley Stratocaster

1989 Fender Paisley Stratocaster

Picked this one up at a Guitar Show in Austin, Texas in 1998. This one has the same electronics and profile of the 70's reissue Strats. It's cool to play at jam sessions where everybody has the same color Strats. I sold this one to a collector in Riverside, CA in 2001.

'75 Gibson EDS-1275

1975 Gibson EDS-1275

Picked this one up at a pawn shop in Denver CO in 1999. Sold it to a Texas collector to help finance my 1958 Fender Bassman. More Gibson EDS-1275 Photos

'70 Fender Stratocaster

1970 Fender Stratocaster

Paid top-dollar for this one. Turned out to be a real looker with no mojo. Bridge Pickup was microphonic as well frets were also filed down pretty bad. Really sucked Because I really liked this one. It got tossed in a trade deal for my '63.

1964 Stratocaster (Bare Wood, Former Sunburst)

1969 Stratocaster (Sunburst)

1973 Stratocaster (Natural)

1974 Stratocaster (Black)

1974 Stratocaster (Blonde)

1975 Stratocaster (Mocha)

1979 Stratocaster

1981 Kramer XKG-10

1981 Destroyer II

1984 DT-155

1980 Stratocaster (Capri Orange)

1981 Stratocaster (Sienna Burst)

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