Concert Stubs: Boston - Oct. 13th, 1987
McNichols Arena, Denver CO

Boston 87 

Tour Promoting Album: Third Stage (1986)

Getting an opportunity to see a band of this magnitude was important to me at the time. I guess I figured with all of the headaches that Tom Scholz had with Epic etc, that This might be the only opportunity that I would have to see them. My friend Ray got us the tickets. This was another show that was sold out very quickly. Our seats REALLY sucked. I have no idea why promoters would have seats that were damn near BEHIND the stage. Barry Fey, what a scumbag. I was up so high in the nose-bleed seats that I could literally touch the ceiling of "Big Mac".

As luck would have it, after we got the tickets, they added a SECOND show to the bill. Oh well. When we got to the arena, it was pretty laid back. A lot of older cats there drinking beer, waiting for the show to start. From what I could see, once it started, it was pretty good show. I was stoked that Gary Pihl was now in the band. Sammy Hagar's ex-lead guitar man.

The stage was really interesting. Huge church organ pipes etc. I actually had to walk around the arena and watch the show from the openings that I could get away with. The security usually moved me on.

It was definitely cool to see one of the more landmark acts, but I was really upset about the seating.

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