Concert Stubs: Psychedelic Furs - May 27th, 1987
Red Rocks, Morrison CO

No Stub available

Tour Promoting Album: Midnight to Midnight (1987)

Got a call from an old high school buddy Dave. He said he had a set of free tickets for the Psychedelic Furs. I was kind of a fan, and familiar with some of their work. Dave had FOUR tickets (think he either won them or got them from his brother . . . someting like that - ACK! Can't remember).

Anyway, I called up some girlfriends of mine down in Denver (I was still up at Greeley going to UNC) to see if they wanted to meet us there. I made my way down there and found Dave. We wound up parking next to some friends of mine from UNC. Some of the girls kept calling me "Nick". They decided I looked like Nicholas Cage (this is a long story - but I do have SOME resemblance to the actor - or so everyone says . . . ) It was kind of funny. We started pounding beer and "S-Com" (my abbreviation for Southern Comfort). The two girls we were supposed to hook up with showed up as well.

Anyway, we all decided to head inside. It was kind of late, and I figured that we would get really crappy seats. As it turned out, my girl "friend" had some buddies in the second row. Heh, heh, they saved some places for us. SWEET! I was pretty slammed by this point. I remember the bass player using a Zon bass that night. I remember them playing Pretty In Pink, Love My Way, Heaven and Heartbreak Beat. The rest of the songs kind of blended together for me.

Well, it turns out that due to the Southern Comfort, I got into a fight with the girl "friend" (ex-girlfriend who I saw off and on for years). She got a ride home with someone else. (That is one reason among others why I don't drink that stuff anymore - bad mojo for me) I would up taking my friend Monique back to Greeley with me. Now, I can't remember if she was at the concert, or if I went by her house in Aurora and picked her up. Hmmmmm . . . hmmmm . . . ah well, memory is REALLY hazy for this show. I do remember almost ramming into an inadequately lit trailer driving back up to Greeley on Highway 85 that night. Scared the crap out of me. No taillights, and driving 30 mph or so in a 55 mph zone. YIKES! Glad we got back OK. Don't really know what happened to the stub.

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