Concert Stubs: INXS - Aug. 25th, 1986
Red Rocks, Morrison, CO

INXS 86 - No pic 

Tour Promoting Album: Listen Like Thieves (1986)

I had always been an INXS fan. Liked them from the first time I had heard them a couple of years before. I was stoked for this one. I had a new girlfriend, the concert was on my birthday, my parents were out of town, oh yeah, it was gonna be AWESOME.

We headed down to the show at about nine in the morning. You see, back in those days, you could get to the parking lot early and "tailgate" before the shows at Red Rocks. Barbecue, drink, toss frisbees etc. Well, I decided to bring the folks liquor cabinet with me. We started hitting that at about ten in the morning when we got there.

It started to go downhill right away. We eventually walked up the steep inclines to get in line. You could bring alcohol into the venue, but it had to be disguised in plastic bottles as something else. Well, I brought I don't know how much booze with us that morning. Because the seating was general admission, Red Rocks management would open up the top gate first, 30-seconds before the bottom. This would give everyone an equal shot at getting front row (or close) seating.

We were already hammered, and we tried our best to get some seats. We got stuck in the upper third of the seating though. Then it got hot. I started running into friends from High School and college. We were all partying like crazy. Throughout the 90+ degree day. It was crazy. By the time INXS came on, I was really done for. My friend Dave hooked up with us. I don't remember much from the show. I remember their female backup singer dancing around in the back of the stage, and some of Michael Hutchence singing, but that was it.

It was raining like mad during the last part of the show. We managed to get back to the truck. I started driving us out. Due to the amount of rain, I didn't see the edge of a drop-off. I slid into it. Let's see, no money, raining, girlfriend drunk, I'm still pretty messed up, truck not going anywhere, luckily there was a tow truck in the area.

With some serious talking from my girlfriend, he pulled us out of that debacle. I had to give him my tools, and take him the money the next day to get my tools back. The truck was not damaged too badly. Some scratched paint. That was about it. My dad was PISSED. He and my mom had just gotten back that afternoon, and were headed out again the next morning on another trip. I got the girlfrind home OK and then went to bed.

In retrospect, I guess I kinda screwed up. But, that was concert-going as it was back then. Sadly, I also cannot find the concert stub either. I think it still may be around somewhere at my folks place. I hope so.

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