Concert Stubs: Metallica - Dec. 18th, 1988
McNichols Arena, Denver CO

Metallica 88 

Tour Promoting Album: And Justice For All (1988)

Oh yeah, I was waiting for this one. Was really stoked about getting to see the big M. I got lucky, and my friend "Tiny" had an extra ticket. Well, he had an extra ticket and no way to get to the show. So, it was "The Deuce" to the rescue again!

We headed down on a freezing cold December evening. Getting to the show was uneventful. They had the heat cranked in old "Big Mac", so we got warmed up pretty quick. Queensryche opened that night. They kicked mucho ass. This tour was supporting Operation Mindcrime, right before they really broke it open with Empire in 1990. Their show was still raw and really energetic. Metal fans approved that night.

Metallica swarmed the stage with intensity and fury as usual. I really don't remember a lot of the show, or what the stage looked like. I do remember banging my head for about two hours, and having my neck hurt for DAYS afterwards. Heh, heh, nothing beats a good ole metal show!

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