Concert Stubs: Night Ranger - Apr. 12th, 1984
Rainbow Music Hall, Denver CO

Night Ranger '84 

Tour Promoting Album: Midnight Madness (1983)

Oh yeah, when Dawn Patrol was released, I had a feeling this band was gonna be big. In High School, a friend of mine was asking me if I had heard the new Night Ranger song, "Rock in America". I said I hadn't heard it yet. I proceeded to go to the local drug store and buy the single. Man, I was blown away! I bought the album as soon as it was released.

As it turned out, Sister Christian was released right before the tour started. I had a German exchange student staying at our house. She was kind of quiet and wasn't really into rock and roll like I was. Well, I bought us two tickets. On the way to the show, the local radio station played Sister Christian. She commented, "I think I will like these Night Rangers." Heh, heh, I knew she would be in for a big surprise.

The rainbow was the usual fare, lots of partiers out front etc. We got there kind of late, but still were able to get some decent seats. We were on the left side of the stage in front of Jeff Watson. When they came out, HOLY CRAP!!!!!

Man, they brought a freight train of sound and a can of whoop-ass baby! Guitars were wailing, audience was going nuts, and we had to stand not only on our seats, but on the SEATBACKS to even see the stage. I was right in front of the freaking main PA speakers. This concert was without a doubt the LOUDEST concert I have ever seen. My ears rang for three days afterward. But man it was worth it.

Watching the two-handed tapping of Watson and the dizzying dive-bombing antics of Gillis made me a life-long fan. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen, bar-none. Band was tight and just punching through their set list. The energy was through the roof. Now, I have tried to verify that this was the opening night of that tour. I haven't had any success as of yet. My German exchange student was frazzled and mind-boggled after the show. She didn't realize that Night Ranger, although they had written a couple of ballads, was a kick-freaking-ass rock and roll machine. Heh, heh, the look on her face after the show was one for the ages. Stunned and bewildered. Ah well, such is life . . .

Postscript: I now own one of Brad Gillis' ex-guitars pictured elsewhere on this site.

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