Concert Stubs: Pat Benatar - Mar. 14th, 1983
McNichols Arena, Denver CO

Pat Benatar 83 

Tour Promoting Album: Get Nervous (1982)

Well, it was Jay and I again for this show. Red Rider opened for Pat. It was, uh kind of interesting. Red Rider's theme was "beating the odds" I guess. After every song, there was some comment like "This next song is about fighting an uphill battle, which the odds are stacked against you . . ." Yadda, yadda, yadda. They played great, but, man . . .

There were a couple of girls sitting behind us who were screaming throughout the entire night. I doubt they could talk for a couple of days after that. Pat put on a great show. It was real cool seeing her basically at the peak of her career, and that voice, tremendous. I remember Neil Geraldo commenting on the success of the Denver Nuggets. I am thinking that they were on a huge winning streak at that point, if I remember right. Was cool having the rock stars commenting on our team.

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