Concert Stubs: Reo Speedwagon - Sep. 2nd, 1985
Red Rocks, Morrison CO

Reo Speedwagon 85 

Tour Promoting Album: Wheels are Turnin' (1984)

A-HA! I do remember the opening band here. Why it was CHEAP TRICK, who else? Heh, heh. Two midwest bands gunning it out at good ole Red Rocks. Cheap Trick was great. I think they were using the keyboardist from Kansas on this tour. They opened with the Gonna Raise Hell riff. Rick played that transluscent-painted orange (or red?) DiMarzio strat quite a bit. I don't think he had quite the arsenal of guitars on this tour as with others. Was a good show nonetheless. They were supporting their "Standing on the Edge" album at that point.

The REO stage was simple, but effective. They used Chromed 55-Gallon drums as riser stands for the stage. The band was real good. Cronin's voice was holding up well. Looking back, I'm real glad I got to see Gary Richrath. Great Gibson/Marshall tone. You'll never see anyone dragging a late 50's Les Paul around anymore. That was a real treat. I know Dave Amato has been with REO now longer that Richrath was, but, really, Gary is what I think of when kick-ass 70's guitar tone. Especially when it comes to REO.

It was really neat seeing them pwerform Ridin' the Storm Out outside, and in the "elements". The encore featured Robin Zander and Jon Brant coming out and singing along with REO during Roll With the Changes.

Well, my usual concert-going buddies (Kyle, Jay, Tony, Jim and Kirk) decided to leave early. They actually lucked out. On their way out they were hanging out by the CT tour bus trying to get autographs. Well, Rick Nielsen saw them out there, and invited them in for a few minutes. See what I get for staying through the whole show? Anyway, I'll have to let one of them tell that story, since I missed that fun. They got to talk to the brainchild behind CT, and got some autographs as well. Ah, what fun!

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