Concert Stubs: Saraya - Jun. 20th, 1989
Bangles, Denver CO

Saraya 89 

Tour Promoting Album: Saraya (1989)

I get a call last minute from my friend Glenn. "You wanna go see Saraya?" Well, I knew they were a new hard rock band with a pretty kick-ass female singer. I want to say their new single was either Love Has Taken It's Toll or Get U Ready. Can't remember anymore (like usual). I said, eh, what the hell! I met Glenn down at Bangles and we went in to check it out. There was maybe 200 people there tops.

The band kicked off the show with Get U Ready. That is almost all I remember. I remember her singing St. Christopher Medal and Gypsy Child, but can't remember at what point of the show they were. Alsace Lorraine was a keyboard solo (I THINK). We were pounding beer like crazy. I was front row checking out Sandi Saraya, yeah she was a total hottie! Skin tight jeans, leather jacket etc. Oh YEAH! From what I remember, the band was real tight. The volume managed to creep up slowly during the entire show.

By the time of the encore, MAN IT WAS LOUD!!!! I can't remember how many encores they, did, but one of the encore tunes was "Maggie May" by Rod Stewart. They rocked that one big time. The band was drinking, but they did it slowly. By Maggie May though, most of them were feeling no pain. I remember the bass player Gary Taylor being pretty darn plastered at the end of the show. Didn't affect his playing though.

Glenn and I had a great time! I'm glad he talked me into going.

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