Concert Stubs: 'Til Tuesday - Nov. 8th, 1985
Rainbow Music Hall, Denver CO

'Til Tuesday '85 

Tour Promoting Album: Voices Carry (1985)

Was a freshman at University of Northern Colorado. My dorm mates and I drove down for the show. Was pretty good! I was second row, center stage. I had purchased their debut album, and knew all of the songs on it. They played most of those, along with some new material, which found it's way onto their second album.

At first I thought the guitar player, Robbie, was a chick! I eventually read the name on the album sleeve, and knew it was not a chick. But at the concert, all the girls in front of me were yelling to him that they wanted to "bleep" him.

My concert-going buddies looked at me, then looked at him, then looked at the chicks, then looked back at me in disbelief and exclaimed "That ain't a chick, that's a dude man!" I think they were checking "her" out. Heh, heh! Too funny.

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