Concert Stubs: Cheap Trick - Dec. 6th, 1985
Rainbow Music Hall, Denver CO

Cheap Trick 85 

Tour Promoting Album: Standing on the Edge (1985)

Well, heh, another CT show. Opening band was a local outfit called "Kid Sister". They were OK I suppose. Never heard of them since. I really don't remember much about this show for some reason. Like I said before, a lot of these CT Rainbow shows run together. I think it was just Jay and I that went to this show. I do remember that they played Christmas music over the PA system as we were leaving the venue. Hmmm . . . I did get some souveniers though.

Cheap Trick 85 list 

Concert list from this show + the common as ever Rick Nielsen guitar picks.

Cheap Trick 85 review 

Review from the show in the Rocky Mountain News.

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