Concert Stubs: Cheap Trick - May. 22nd, 1983
Rainbow Music Hall, Denver CO

Cheap Trick 83 

Tour Promoting Album: One On One (1982)

My first Cheap Trick concert. I would see CT more than any other band during the 80's. Like Robin Zander said, "We're everybody's fourth favorite band." Well I couldn't wait to see them. Especially after all of the hype from Budokan and Dream Police, I could hardly contain myself.

The Rainbow Music Hall was a real special place. You had to wait in line outside, due to the place being General Admission. Usually, fans would start lining up the night before, or at the latest, early the morning before. The hall only held about 1,700 people. It was a converted "Cinema III" theater with the walls torn down between the outer two theaters, and a stage built in the center theater. The hall used the original movie seats that were in the theater.

Anyway, while waiting in line, folks would like to drink, smoke, partake in other "herbal" activities etc. It was like a big "game" with the bouncers to get the drinkers by grabbing their beer/wine, and pour it out in front of everybody. Silly really. Nobody was feeling any pain by showtime. Guess they couldn't get everybody.

For this show, I remember getting inside, and getting our seats. We ran into other folks from High School there. We all managed to sit together. One dude I know bought his CT shirt, pulled a switchblade from his pants and chopped off the sleeves right there. "Now, that's a concert shirt." This show was pretty wild. Everyone diving for Rick's pick's. Lots of doobies and cigs being passed around, a real party atmosphere. Man, if only concerts were still like that! I basically was in awe of the whole thing. It was awesome to me. Cheap Trick kicked ASS that night.

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