Concert Stubs: U2 - Nov. 8th, 1987
McNichols Arena, Denver CO

U2 87 

Tour Promoting Album: The Joshua Tree (1987)

Well, I blew the chance to see U2 at Red Rocks for Under the Blood Red Sky. I had invites, but I didn't feel like going. After that video and album soared on the charts and into the history books, I figured I wasn't going to miss this outing. Another hot date (wearing skin-tight leopard-print pants - how totally 80s!), decent seats and then to find out that they were filming the show to be used later on had me really stoked.

I can recall much of the show. Good sound and some good rocking tunes. I remember Pride in the Name of Love and Sunday Bloody Sunday vividly, and also the Star Spangled Banner.

The house lights remained on, just very low for ambient filming light. It turns out some of the McNichols Arena material made it onto the Rattle and Hum movie and album released in 1988. Hey, I got it right this time!

I'm glad I got to see U2 when I did.

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