Concert Stubs: Van Halen - Jun. 2nd, 1984
McNichols Arena, Denver CO

Van Halen 84 

Tour Promoting Album: 1984 (1983)

Oh yeah, I would hedge a bet that this was THE concert tour to see in 1984. Luckily, my friends Kyle and Tony waited in line for concert buddy Jay and I to get the tickets. This show SOLD OUT in less than 24-hours. AND WE GOT THE TICKETS!!!! That was really, really sweet. I think I probably still owe them a few beers for that one.

Although the ticket said "Possible Obstructed View" no way was it. We were SO LUCKY! Out seats were on the first row of the upper section, on Eddies side of the stage. How awesome could that be?!?!?!? Especially with me being a budding guitar player back then.

So, the show started off pretty good. Really rocking. But then, just as the show was cruising along, DLR started acting like an ASS, busting on Denver, the fans at the show, etc. What an A-Hole! I couldn't believe it! Here is a sold out house, paying good money to see this band, and there is this jerk-off singer acting like he is God's gift to man.

Anyway, I was put off, as were others around us. Eddie's solo was around 12-minutes long. Michael Anthony had his Jack Daniels bass solo deal. I thought that was pretty cool. The Jump solo was ALL keyboards, no guitar. No digi-loops back then :)

VH rocked alright, but this is the one and only time I have ever left a concert feeling pissed off. Especially after all of the hype, and seeing how big VH was back then. Oh well, I guess time let us all know about DLR.

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