Concert Stubs: Van Halen - July 12th, 1986
Folsom Field, Boulder CO

Van Halen 86 

Tour Promoting Album: 5150 (1986)

Well, being up at UNC all spring with no car and no cash-ola for things like rock concerts really had me excited for this event. I managed to scrounge up the dough for this one baby . . . THE FIRST VAN-HAGAR LINE-UP! I had been waiting for this, since the announcement that the two rock icons would be joining forces almost a year earlier. I was beside myself with excitement.

This excitement began actually back in March. You see, I had bought the single "Why Can't This Be Love" from the local record store up at college. I couldn't wait to hear the whole album though. I found out the release date for the album 5150, which coincided with my Spring Break. I was down in Denver for the break.

We had a store there called Music Disc (Hampden and I-25 for those scratching their heads) who would pick up their stocks of new releases a day early. That meant you could get the records from them BEFORE anyone else in town. I remember calling them ahead of time to confirm that yes, they would have the album on the said date. I arrived at the store about 30-minutes before they opened and patiently waited to be let in. They opened up, one guy got in ahead of me. I went straight to the counter and asked for the new Van Halen album. The clerk cut open the box, handed me the copy and said, "There you go. You are the first owner of this record in Denver." COOL! The guy behind me bought one too.

Back in the 70's and 80's the C.U. Field Council would host the "Sun Day Number Whatever", and these would be blockbuster events. Each year there would be one or two "Sun Days" with several nationally-ranked acts.

On the bill for this event was: BTO, Dio, Loverboy and Van Halen. Buahahahaha . . . I couldn't wait! I was supposed to hook up with a college buddy of mine once I got there. Well, I arrived a bit late. Missed most of BTO. By the time I got to my seat, I couldn't find my friend anywhere. Dio was just getting started. It was hot as hell. No clouds, and everyone was getting massively drunk. They had firehoses (or hoses of some sort) down by the stage cooling folks off.

It was a killer show, save for the fact my hero, Vivian Campbell was no longer with the group. That sucked. Dio was supporting the album Sacred Heart for this tour. RJD rocked the house, and I was very pleased at the performance.

Loverboy was up next. I had always liked them, even though many thought it wasn't "cool" to do so. I didn't care. And to be honest, they kicked some ass! I really had my doubts that they would be any good. But they had great energy, and good tunes. Mike Reno, was, well, Mike Reno. Bandanas and all.

After Loverboy, it has started cooling off a bit, and there was a buzz in the air. Everyone was anticipating this show. To see if the band was still good after DLR was gone. Well, not only was it good, it was GREAT! Sammy was running all over the place. Like he hadn't lost a step since I saw him a year earlier. Just awesome. The sun was starting to set by the middle of the performance. Eddie had a great solo. It was interesting hearing Sammy do some of the old VH tunes, but hey, they did some of Sammy's stuff too. All-in-all, a great marriage of some great talent.

After the show I stopped by my friends house on the way home. Looked like a party going on. Turns out his dad was turning 40. Heh, heh, we proceeded to get blasted. What a great day!

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