Concert Stubs: X - Sep. 19th, 1985
Rainbow Music Hall, Denver CO

X 85 

Tour Promoting Album: Ain't Love Grand (1985)

One of the last real standouts from the L.A. Punk Scene. I really wanted to see this band because I heard they were real good live. I had to drive up to CSU to get Jay, then back down to Denver to see the show. Well, it was GREAT! We had seats about the same spot as Night Ranger, left of the stage.

X really rocked. They played a lot of their older material, but Wild Thing was a real standout. Exene Cervenka was looking marvelous as usual. Billy Zoom was in his usual stance blasting out unique phrasings on that old Silver Sparkle Gretsch. They also played one of my faves off Under the Big Black Sun, "The Hungry Wolf". I was hoping that they would.

One thing that I remember vividly was all of the problems that Billy Zoom was having with his amps. I am not really sure what type of amps they were (they had his "Zoom" logos glued on the front). I don't know if this is one of the reasons he would eventually go into amplifier repair or not. Heh, heh. They were making all kinds of noise, crackling etc. He was really, really getting pissed on the back of the stage. He held it together enough to get through the show though. Good sport!

All-in-all, it was a good show. Crowd was kind of crazy, as to be expected, but I think the new MTV generation kind of diluted the hard core punk crowd that was in attendance.

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