Big R's Tone Tips

Great players are everywhere. . .
In my years of playing and many trials and tribulations, I have discovered a few simple things that could greatly enhance your tone, live sound, and studio sound. These tips are just my opinion, but they have helped me improve my sound greatly.


1. Less is more. When I was younger, I thought that the more effects you had, the better you would sound. When I had all of my excess equipment in the pawn shop, I realized that my guitar sounded much better CLEAN. Learning how to play clean is a difficult chore for many electric players, but it really makes a difference when playing live. Your guitar will CUT through the mix like nobody's business. Click HERE for more live amp techniques.

2. When to add effects. Subtlety is the key. I think effects sound better when they color your sound, not overwhelm it. Try changing up your sound on different songs, by using different textures on each one. That will definitely keep the audience interested! Click HERE for more effects tips including the ULTIMATE Texas tone!

3. Miking. I have heard many homemade and professional tape and CD releases, and the guitar sound is usually thin and weak. A tin can comes to mind. Click HERE for some KILLER miking techniques.

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