Bands: Article XV

Article XV

Big R, Danny and Nelson. April 1992.

Band officially formed: April 1992


  • Danny Dumm - Guitar
  • Big R - Bass/Vocals
  • Nelson Onofre - Drums


    I had met Nelson before jamming in the studios. He had played all over the place in his heyday, a real great rock drummer. At the time, he was an Army photographer. I was wanting to put together a kick-ass rock band at this time. I just hadn't met any real good bass players up to that point.

    Well, I come home from work one day, and hear this guitar playing coming from inside a room down the hall. Sounded like a record. As I got closer, I was thinking "man, this is a GUITAR PLAYER"! Super clean fast playing, all kinds of mixolydian modes, harmonic minor stuff. I knocked on the door. Well, out comes this skinny guy with glasses.

    In Studio

    In the studio. Nelson is in the background.
  • Well, we hit it off right away. We started hanging out and jamming all of the time. Danny was teaching me all kinds of stuff on the guitar. Really opened my eyes at that time to how the guitar could be played.

    Well, I ran into Nelson again, and suggested to him that we get together and jam. Test the waters and chemistry so to speak. We set up a time, but as it turns out, most of the guitar amps were either checked out to other bands, or broken. Well, I let Danny use my rig. At that time, it was my '71 Twin Reverb, Peavey 4 x 12 cab and rack loaded with a Marshall 9000 pre-amp, Digitech RDS 3.6 digital delay, and an Ibanez UE-400 effects unit. Danny ran the marshall with some slight delay (a-la Gary Moore) and used the SFTR as a power amp basically.


    Danny and I Jan 1992. Too much Jim Beam this night, well, maybe not!
    The result of this jam was much more than I ever hoped. We went through all kinds of rock and blues standards. Hendrix, Cream, SRV etc. Nelson kept saying "We need to be recording this!" Well, there were about five other bands down there in the rehearsal rooms that day. Was real noisy when we got down there.

    Once we got rolling it was HAPPENING! Danny was on FIRE. Man, he is a hell of a guitar player for sure. Everyone else knew it too. Every time we stopped playing, the place was DEAD QUIET. You could have heard a pin drop. The other bands were getting a dose of what a real rock band is supposed to be.

    The Haight

    Reunited 2000. Where else???
    Well, we were excited. I knew of a few places that this band could play. I was gearing up to talk to some club owners. As fortune would have it, during a short hiatus, Danny got in trouble for drinking and fighting. He got slapped with an Article XV (non-judicial punishment). He was going to be put on 90-days of extra duty and confinement to the barracks for 30-days. That sucked. Also, this was when the military was drawing down like crazy. Nelson decided for an early separation. CRAP! The band was dissolving even before it got started. I suggested that we get together one last time and do some recording before Danny couldn't, and before Nelson left for good.

    The magic was still there during these sessions. We cranked it out again. At least we had a recording of it this time. Other band reactions were still the same. Heh, heh. I had planned to pick this band up when Danny was "free" again, but by that time, I was rolling comfortably with DWM and playing with Bessemer Rose. Oh well, this was one potential project I wish had taken off. The potential was so high. I guess it really doesn't count as a "working" band, but I still have those recordings somewhere. I'll have to get them converted and post some of the highlights here.

    Where are they now?

    Nelson is still in New York City as far as I know. Danny stayed in the Army until 2003 or so. I believe he is back in Tuscon. I lost touch with him in '04.

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