Bands: Chris Bell

Chris Bell

Playing with Chris in Huntsville, TX.

Joined with Chris: Summer 2010


  • Roscoe Iron - Basses, Guitars, Vocals
  • Chris Bell - Guitars, Vocals
  • Jimmy Montemayor and others - Drums


    Received a cold call from Chris Bell regarding doing some touring work. He was recommended by long time friend Jimmy Montemayor (drummer I played with in the Catherine Denise Band. When Chris and I got on the subject of Gary Moore and found out that we were both huge fans, I knew that we were two brothers from different mothers. We have done a lot of road work together and is always a fun time for sure.

    Roscoe I-Fest 2010

    Ripping it up on the bass at the Houston I-Fest 2010.

  • At the Loading Dock

    Setting up at the Loading Dock Grafton, Ill. July 2011.

    My classic bass amp setup

    Amp setup for most of the shows I played with Chris. The Bassman 135 has a 1/4-inch line out to use a Direct Out box. I ran the Showman through a Genz Benz 2 x 10 and the Bassman 135 through a Genz Benz 2 x 12. Both modern production Bass Cabs. The jumper between both is the classic old school ways to run both heads. This picture was taken at Sportsterz in Geneva On The Lake, OH.

    The Hendrix pose.

    Running a 1973 Marshall Super Bass through my beefed up 1981 Fender 2 x 15 cab in Dubois, PA July, 2013.

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